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Sk pc loyalty & membership systems will differentiate your services from competitors. With our smart loyalty solutions, we bring the expertise needed to help you plan and execute a comprehensive, smart card based loyalty strategy.

Terminal Services

  • Full EFT capability, with full control of which cards are accepted at a particular terminal.

  • Acceptance of the full range of payment tokens (magstripe cards, Smart Cards, Soft Token)

Corporate Incentives

A microprocessor based smartcard, wherein an incentive value can be loaded into the card in the form of points, thus eliminating the need for separate monetary/non-monetary incentives/complimentary to employees.

Gift Cards & Vouchers

A Gift Card is a smart/magnetic stripe card wherein a certain value is pre-loaded.The recipient of this Gift Card can then redeem the value preloaded in the card against goods & services provided by the organization/s mentioned in the card.

Network services

Sk pc has deployed a network for smart card transactions and other services, which can be offered for various types of transactions and services.

Value Added Services

Showing appreciation will go a long way toward strengthening your relationship. One-way to show customers you value their business is to provide them with glossy, personalized loyalty smart cards.

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Our mission is to exceed and deliver the highest quality and most innovative products & solutions, possible by thoroughly understanding our customers’ needs and after services based on trust and confidence. We will provide innovative, cost effective, technology-based solutions for e-Governances ,Citizencentric and G2C,G2C & G2B projects to meet today’s business needs, while building the foundation to meet tomorrow’s evolving operational environment.

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Challenge is the key word for Sk pc services pvt ltdt. We team to make a better everyday life for everyone.SK PC is in promoting e-Governance for empowering citizens with focus on promoting inclusive and sustainable growth in IT & ITeS by imparting skill and develop human resources in a transparent and dedicated process to establish SK PC  as one stop preferred partner for Government and Corporate .

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